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  • Strategy alignment assessment

    Strategy alignment assessment determines the degree of alignment between the Functional areas strategic objectives and overall strategic objectives. The assessment also determines the alignment between the Functional area’s objectives and their products and services as well as their processes and products and services.

  • Culture assessment

    An Organisational Characteristic Model is applied to determine the current organisational cultural maturity level. The model consists of critical factor indicators. These indicators form part of a cultural building block model and consists of the most important foundational building blocks in the organisational culture mapping process. Some of these indicators are: Communication, Leadership, Decision-making, Control, Goals and motivation.

  • People/Structural assessment

    A standard South African resource allocation benchmark assessment tool is applied to assess the people and structural component within the current structure. The benchmark assessment focuses on three areas of intervention with regards to people and structure:

    The People and Structure assessment report will have a clearly defined gap analysis focused on both areas of focus, assessed against the Current and Proposed status needs

    1. Current:
    • People
    • Structure
    Assess the current status against the benchmark assessment tool.
    2. Ideal:
    • People
    • Structure
    Design the ideal status with the benchmark assessment tool as guide.
    3. Proposed:
    • People
    • Structure
    Apply the documented process outcome together with the benchmark assessment tool as guidelines to propose an aligned functional needs-based structure.

  • Salary review and benchmark

    The salary review and benchmark process is concluded in two critical steps:

    1. Internal review with regards to status, method and value.
    2. External review with specific focus on alignment characteristics.

    Benchmark parameters will be determined as to allow for a focused outcomes based process with specific key measurements. Formal market review benchmark survey will be applied to determine the specific outcomes.

  • Organisational Practice assessment

    An Organisational Practice Maturity Model is used to determine the current Organisational Practice maturity in the organisation. The model consists of five maturity levels that lay the foundation for continuously developing employee talents, developing effective teams, and successfully managing the people assets of the organisation. Each maturity level is a well-defined platform that institutionalises a level of capability for developing employee talent within the organisation. The Organisational Maturity Model’s levels correlates with the five Process CMM levels.

  • Business Process assessment

    Process Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is used to determine the current process maturity in the organisation. The model describes the different stages through which organizations evolve as they define, implement, measure, control and improves their processes. The model provides a guideline for defining process improvement strategies through facilitating the determination of current process capabilities.

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