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Various individual assessment & profiling services are available

H2R has launched a Candidate Preference Profiler (CPP) to assist recruitment agencies and employers.

How does it work?

The Web Assessment is a web page application that is used hand in hand with the Job Application of a candidate. Every time a candidate applies for a job, an automatically generated assessment accompanies the application. Once the applicant has completed the assessment and submits the job application and assessment, a profile based on the answers that were given on the assessment, is sent to the applicable user/company via an e-mail facility.

Types of assessment

The basic assessment application contains an assessment of the applicants work preference. Future developments include Time management preference, Interpersonal relationship preference, Conflict handling preference, Decision-making preference, Stress Management preference, Learning preference, Team Role preference, Management style preference, etc.

Business options

Various options exist on which this exciting product can be obtained. It is available for integration on your own website on either a full integration or a web-link with the H2R website. Should you not have your own interactive website an SMS service exists on the H2R website.

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